How To Download Torrents With IDM

Now a days most of people knows about torrent files, and also know various ways to download torrent files.probably torrent files takes long time to solve this issues we have any easy way to download torrent files easily and quickly by using Internet Download Manager (IDM).Most Of People may downloaded them using uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc. That is a traditional method which is frequently used by most of the people to download torrents. Probably in most cases, the headache will be the low download speed. This can be resolved if you can download torrent files with IDM.Before Starting the process we will Know about what is Torrent, how they will Work.

What Is Torrent File ?

Torrent files are the file with the extension of .torrent which are hardly less than an MB. But it contains a list of many folder and files. It also has the list of network trackers and other details.Now i will tell you how to download torrent files with Internet Download Manager (IDM).

How to download Torrent Files With IDM Internet Download Manager

There are several methods by which you can download torrent files directly using Internet Download Manager.Here are the some best two ways to download torrent movies, Games, Audio Files and Other Softwares.

1 – ZbigZ :-

This is the best alternative you can find to Bytebx. Just like other websites, there are two types of accounts available.Premium package is starting from 142 INR [2.09$] which is too low compared to other torrent caching sites. This website is also mobile responsive, so you can also open this site on your smartphone.

How to Download Torrents By Using Zbigz :-

  • Copy the torrent file link you want to download.
  • Open ZbigZ on your Mobile or PC Laptop.
  • Create a free account by clicking on “Sign Up” Link.
  • Now paste the torrent file link you copied and hit on “GO”.
  • Wait for some time till it’s complete its process.
  • After the completion of the procedure, click on blue colored “Download” button to begin the download.
  • It’s Done! You have successfully downloaded the torrent file using ZbigZ with IDM. Also, you can even download the files in your preferred browser.

2 – ByteBx :-

In this method, we are going to use a website called ByteBx. Here, you can upload your torrent file and that will be downloaded to their servers which will have insanely high speed. And then once the download completes on their server you can easily download them using your download manager.

How to Download Torrents By Using ByteBx

By default it provides you the free account which has the limit of 2.5 GB storage, that means you can download any torrent file by the maximum size of 2.5 GB. You can always upgrade to a premium account if you want to download larger files.

Steps to Download Torrent Files with IDM Using ByteBx

  • First of all, go to ByteBx and create a new account.
  • Click on “Sign Up” and enter your credentials like your Name, Email Id, Password, etc.
  • Confirm your Email account and log in to ByteBx with same details which you filled earlier.
  • You will be redirected to its home where you will get three options, Upload File, Upload URL, and Upload Torrent.
  • Click on the third option “Upload Torrent” then click on “Choose File”. Browse and select the .torrent file which you want to download.
  • Now within a few seconds, you will see a blue colored “download” button. Click it to start your download.
  • Great! You have successfully downloaded the torrent file with IDM. You can also use your browser or any other download manager.

Alternative Methods To Download IDM

The above mentioned were the two well-working methods to download torrents file with IDM, hope you like it. If still, that doesn’t work for you then there are many alternatives available. Some of them are:

  • BoxOpus
  • PutDrive
  • Torrent Handler
  • Torrent2exe

The process of downloading torrent with IDM is quite similar to the ones that we discussed earlier. i.e Sign Up, Paste the magnet link or upload the torrent file and then download the file using IDM. Hope you’d like it.


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