DeskTop Screen Recorder With YouTube

youtube screen recorder

You want to maintain your own you tube channel, know this and how you should record your screen with you tube. The screen recording is very easy and simple for desktop, laptop, mobile, windows 7,8,10 vista screen recording software for you tubers, to record your PC screen for free how to record your computer or desktop, screen for whether you wanted to now, how to record just your monitor or the whole screen a gaming videos or tutorial your having on tool here. It “Open broadcaster softer” (OBS). If you want an open broadcaster soft ware tutorial that goes more in depth in regards to the advanced output mode

Desktop Screen Record Tricks

First select media and then record two (2) options will pop-up records from webcam and record PC screen

DO:1.Every body should necessary you tube account and web browser open your you tube, then login to you tube along with your google account, go to left side corner then tap the upload button, choose any video below streaming or if you have any own videos select your own videos, you should do this before why, because you tube should want to verify your mobile number, because if does not disable the streaming of your videos.

DO:2. So now your to give a screen cast video title set the privacy of the video, create & select the area to choose event page the particular area of your screen where you wanted to record, if you want to record entire screen select the full screen of your desktop. You have choose more coding options for your recording, by immediate Open a streaming window and start recording.

DO:3. Use a google hangouts on air to launch google is phasing out hangouts after that start recording in hangouts in air page, now click the screen, share button in the left box then select the desktop window. Then start recording in screen cast before tapping the stop broadcast button you should keep your video in 720p HD and keep the ratio 16:9

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